Tonight, with help from a large Coke/Root Beer (mixed together 70/30, it tastes a lot like Vanilla Coke!), I made this weeks block for Modify Tradition (the block is called Shoo Fly)…

Again, I’m only using scraps, so the red is from the bolt from the thrift store, the white was left over from… uh, something else…. not sure what, but I really only had enough to do these 4 triangles, that perfectly used up the scrap of white… and the print, in honor of V-Day yesterday, is a bit of my most cheesy valentine/love print. I really love it, in small doses… (I’m about to attempt a pair of jeans, and this might be my pocket lining).

Next up, since I was in a quilting frame of mind (and I can’t find my granny squares, I think they’re in my husbie’s car):

work on my pie pan quilt….

I’m making a California King sized quilt for my bed… I started it when I was preggers with D, so… at least 4 years ago? Other people keep getting married/my kids and I need clothes/I lose bits of it, so I have worked on it in fits and starts… My goal is to finish the top this month…

California King is really really big. just FYI…

The blocks are all dark blue and light purple… this is really a “kaleidescope” block, but I think the pieces look like a pie, hence in my head it’s always been my pie pan quilt… I have about 1/3 of the blocks totally finished, and then about 1/6 of them pie-panned (needing triangular corners put on to square them up), and then tonight I started piecing the other 1/2 (yeah, I made sure my fractions added up correctly. Me = nerd).

here’s my pile of triangles from tonight. It’s a very large pile (3 hours of sewing)

One of my favorite bits about this is going to be the back… I have purple/blue blueberries on a white background… not floral, but sooooooo pretty. and C loves blueberries. I can’t WAIT to finish this!!!

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