The outlines of the kiddos (d on the left, bean on the right) are the
starting point for an AWESOME V-day decoration (I hope). So excited to
start it tomorrow.
The "boy" quilt (top and back) is totally done. I stitched the binding
on while watching the Grammys. (Taylor Swift is so friggin' adorable!
So glad she won as many as she did!). I looooove the back. It might be
time to play with more solids. I really like the definition of the
quilting on the solid. Hmmmm… It might be time to try my hand at a
"modern" quilt, they tend to hve lots of blank spaces….
I think this quilt is getting donated to a fundraising auction for our
church…. I just don't know why to suggest as the opening bid….
Poor C came in to watch the graphics on the Grammys and passed out, so
he became my model.