(note: this post has absolutely nothing to do with the holiday, I just figured I’d send happy vibes out…)

In keeping with my new years resolutions, I made mac n cheese from scratch tonight…

the bean loooooooved it, I quite liked it, D was horrified by it (and thus went to bed hungry)

so not a total failure, but I certainly have room to improve… or rather, I need to find a better recipe.

I finished D’s owl hat today. he won’t try it on, so my wonderful hedgehog will model it for the purposes of blog posting:

do you see the owls?

here’s a close up of one of them:

I made 4 owls, and left the back plain, like this:

because of the way he likes to eat sandwiches (still… my owl cookie cutter is getting dull, it’s used so much!). He was much amused by the idea of the hat, but not remotely interested in wearing it. that’s why I made it to fit ME TOO! so I have a new hat… yay!

and here’s a pic of my hedgehog, made pre-craft-blog. Isn’t he ridiculously cute? he’s knitted and felted and ADORABLE, at least to me.