I just signed up for another 6 months…

I had this super comfy old long sleeved t-shirt from old navy that I really liked… but it got a weird brown stain on the back of my shoulder… (baby puke perhaps? who knows! who gets stains on the backs of their shoulders????)

so I cut off the sleeves to make the bean a pair of pants.
I think I need to add a gusset to their crotch, to fit the cloth diapers, but man, is she so tiny! Then I used the bottom of my shirt (including the hem, cause I’m LAZY!), and sewed it to the top of one of her onesies. She’s outgrown a lot of clothes in length, but not width… so this is a 0-3 month onesie, which still fits her shoulders/head/arm size, but couldn’t snap any more because she’s so long. so I guestimated where an empire waist would go on a 14m/o, and sewed the shirt on….

I didn’t gather it first, but stretched the onesie to match the shirt’s width… having first pinned the seams and the 1/4 points to match.total cost: FREE! (old shirt, outgrown onesie, teeny bit of thread…)

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