I just signed up for another 6 months…

I had this super comfy old long sleeved t-shirt from old navy that I really liked… but it got a weird brown stain on the back of my shoulder… (baby puke perhaps? who knows! who gets stains on the backs of their shoulders????)

so I cut off the sleeves to make the bean a pair of pants.
I think I need to add a gusset to their crotch, to fit the cloth diapers, but man, is she so tiny! Then I used the bottom of my shirt (including the hem, cause I’m LAZY!), and sewed it to the top of one of her onesies. She’s outgrown a lot of clothes in length, but not width… so this is a 0-3 month onesie, which still fits her shoulders/head/arm size, but couldn’t snap any more because she’s so long. so I guestimated where an empire waist would go on a 14m/o, and sewed the shirt on….

I didn’t gather it first, but stretched the onesie to match the shirt’s width… having first pinned the seams and the 1/4 points to match.total cost: FREE! (old shirt, outgrown onesie, teeny bit of thread…)

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  1. Wow! Aren't you a super star? I love a bit of refashioning and you have done a fabulous job. I saw your comment on Curly Pops blog and thought I'd come visiting. Thanks for the link by the way, I'm off to check it out now.See you again xo

  2. very sweet… i've done similar with T-shirts and fabric for my 5 yo… to make play dresses. she LOVES them and since they are mostly thrifted or old anyway, who cares if they get a few more stains 🙂

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