Resolutions for the New Year:

1. Learn to play the ukulele (I got one for Christmas! thanks, Dad!)

2. Clear and maintain the floor space in my sewing room. (right now there’re piles in laundry bins/boxes. I have a whole closet and lots of storage space on top of that, NO EXCUSE!)

3. Start running/jogging. This is silly. I always actually WANT to, but I can’t take the dogs AND the kiddos, and I feel guilty leaving the dogs behind. so I don’t go. I WILL START TOMORROW! (sorry dogs, C has to walk you!)

4. Deal with my scraps. I feel bad throwing any useable scraps out. which means I literally go MONTHS without emptying my sewing room wastebasket. (and it’s small). I have big plans to make a postage stamp quilt someday (using this totally-cheating-method, as I did with pre-cut squares from a kit here) and I want to use all the scraps I have to do that. But that means I need to CUT MY SCRAPS UP! and keep them sorted so I don’t get too overwhelmed. Doable if I deal from here on out, right?

5. keep my Wardrobe Refashion Pledge. I signed up for 6 months, for myself, and as much as I can for the kids/husbie. I’m taking it a slight step further, in that I’m not thrifting or purchasing to make anymore. 6 months of JUST SEWING FROM STASH! NO MORE purchases! My one caveat is if I need something to actually FINISH a project (like I need the glue to make this awesome bag I got for Xmas, but I can’t buy a new frame to make more.)

so… doable, right?

here’s my list of projects to complete. I don’t have to finish them all, but I can’t do something else until I finish this list.

some of it is cryptic, but I’ll provide details/pictures when I get to them.

I think I need to post this list on the side of my blog, but I’m not sure how right now.

[ ] Butterfly dress

[ ] Shirts for D

[ ] Crepe roses

[ ] Bean butterfly quilt

[ ] My bags

[ ] Pie pan quilt

[ ] C pants

[ ] C socks

[ ] D vintage pants

[ ] D underwear

[ ] Bean sailor playsuit

[ ] Bean overalls

[ ] Food for kiddos

[ ] Crochet earrings for me

[ ] Cal patch clothes for me

[ ] Sew along dress

[ ] Recover outdoor sofa

[ ] Birthday gifts

[ ] Roses skirt for me

[ ] Mother daughter blue floral outfits

[ ] U-handblog fortune cookie bag

some of it is cryptic, but I’ll provide details/pictures when I get to them.

I think I need to post this list on the side of my blog, to keep me on track, but I’m not sure how right now.

and, in the spirit of actually DOING what I say I’ll do, I’m off to FINISH C’s socks.

6 months later… I started them in July so they would definitely be done by Xmas. *oops*. but I’m SO CLOSE! I’m on the contrast color, so I only have like 6 rows left!

I’ll finish these tonight and then maybe finish my bags, which are all cut out, tomorrow. yeah, or just sometime this week. but I can TOTALLY finish these socks tonight if I go RIGHT NOW.