For a special little cowboy friend

(this card makes more sense after you see the gift, but I cant figure out how to move pics around…)
I free motioned on a plain card. the star is with a long straight stitch, and the K was a long zigzag stitch.

Here’s the main gift: a toddler backpack
D has a Thomas backpack from Target that’s a great size, but the zipper is super hard for him (cheapo from Target, duh)… I’m planning on making one of these for him, but K needed a present, and since he’s about to get a little brother, I figured a toddler backpack that doesn’t require his moms help might be cool.
He’s really into cowboy stuff, so I found this heavyweight striped cotton in the stash I “borrowed” from my gram.
the browns, red and navy matched the cowboy invite we got to his party…
I originally planned on embroidering a cowboy boot on the front, but then hit on this take on a sherrif’s badge instead.
I free-motion zigzagged the K first, then lightly sketched the star (with water soluble marker), so the points would be roughly even, and straightstitched those… then I just went around and around and around the K/Star to make it slightly more badge-like.
despite planning on making this for a month, I waited until 11pm the night before.
luckily for me, the pattern was SUPER easy to follow, and even with embellishment, I was done by 1.

Inside I put a little felt playset I made…
I also made a set for my boy, so I’ll get around to photographing that soon!
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