so last night I was feeling a bit discouraged, and posted about it, and when I woke up this morning, I had a comment, from the most brilliant and wonderful person: Claudia W.

thank you. Claudia, you are my angel for the day.
because, of course, you were right, I just needed to use my foot pedal. now the bobbin winder works.
I cannot WAIT to get to work on all my sewing tonight!
and I’m feeling particularly in love with the internet and bloggers in general.
I remember a few years ago, people whining about the internet cutting people off and making society more anti-social and weird, but I think blogging is changing that completely.
Because of blogs (all of the many that I follow daily, and all the others that I stumble across), I’ve been MUCH more inspired to create, and therefore my ability levels have skyrocketed… I’m much more confidant in my ability, and more excited to share with others, via blogs or just talking to strangers in lines… I feel like I, a stay-at-home mom, have a place to connect with other adults who can both compose and understand complex sentences and thoughts, and this sharing and connecting can happen at any hour of any day. It’s wonderful!
so thanks, Claudia, and thank you blogland, for existing, inspiring, and sharing.