I looked at my favorite fabric store for some jelly bean fabric (to
make a party dress for the Bean), but the closest they had was either
polka dots or m&ms. So, having gotten Printing By Hand for my bday,
and having already carved some jelly bean stamps for the invites, I
decided to make my own fabric.

D decided to help, so I gave him some scrap fabric to paint and stamp on. I’m hoping to use his scraps for the ruffles.

A bit of abstract painting will be cool there… Hopefully.

D looks so cute in his smock! he’s happily painting away!

here’s one of his artistic efforts. I’m going to use such little pieces, and then gather them into ruffles, that I think it’ll be ok.

here’s the back of the dress (the playdate dress by Oliver+S), with all my stamping. I’m using purple, red, blue and green, but I stamped about 3 times before re-inking, so I have a variety of shades. I’m in LOVE…

here’s the scene of the crime, with D painting in the corner, and the sleeves and front and back post-stamping. I’m going to do the yoke in plain white, with the afore-mentioned abstract ruffles, and maybe some purple piping and purple pants. I have to raid my scrap bins to figure out what color I have for pants and piping…