I took my Bernina Artista730 in for service, I’ve sewed like a million miles on that poor machine in the 2.5 years that I’ve had it. I’ve been putting it off because I NEED a machine daily. it’s my stress relief, my adult time, my unwinding and completing my day. Maybe there are toys scattered all over the house, maybe I didn’t finish putting laundry away before the kids fell asleep, maybe we ate Starbucks breakfast sandwiches for breakfast and frozen food for lunch, but at least SOMETHING constructive can be done on my sewing machine. I can whip up a pair of kids pants in under 40 minutes now, a shirt in less than 2, (depending on construction)… a skirt for me in under 30, including a zipper. these FINISHED tasks make me feel like a functional adult, who CAN think beyond toddlerese, who can understand multi-stepped tasks, read sentences, understand diagrams, measure, do math, etc…

so I don’t really have a machine right now. I took mine in for service, and despite having 7 (yup) other machines, they are all so covered with dust that I can’t use them. sad. I bought my Bernina 730 purely for the embroidery functions and the software, I didn’t plan on using it as a sewing machine. But oh, it’s so so wonderful, I honestly haven’t used my other sewing machines a single time since the 730 came home with me. (well, I’ve used one of my sergers (a Husqvarna Viking 936), but that’s a whole different ball game). My wonderful dealer lent me a classroom machine so I would have a working sewing machine while mine gets serviced (it can take up to 2 weeks!!!), BUT once I used up the bobbin that came with it, I did some shirring, which means I hand wind the bobbin. the sewing machine is sewing perfectly (it’s a Bernina Activa 210, the most basic of Bernina’s, but still, a Bernina is a Bernina, and it’s a wonderful machine). so tonight I was all excited to sew… I was gonna work on a quilt and then start on the Bean’s birthday dress (the Oliver + S playdate dress, i’m so excited!)
CATASTROPHE! (that’s one of D’s favorite words)
the bobbin winder doesn’t work.
so I knitted tonight instead.