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My friend Carrie is a beautiful person, and I’m lucky enough to be part of her bloghop, so here’s a COMPLETELY BIASED WITH LOVE review of her new fabric line for Windham, PAINT!

paint!isn’t it pretty!!! I knew immediately that the rich colors and artistic theme and all the little details would appeal to my daughter, so I jumped at the chance to play with it. I let The Bean choose the fabrics she liked, and she chose the paintbrushes. So I quickly made a pretty little wrap around dress, (based on a vintage McCalls dress), and I sent it off to Carrie for a photoshoot.

paint dress

but then I had the scraps on my cutting table, and I kept looking at them, so I decided to make another dress, using an old pattern of mine, the BoPeep Dress.


it’s a cute dress, right? oh, it was AWFUL inside. I was racing, and only had about 2 hours to do the whole thing, in order to try to get it to Carrie before the photoshoot (it wound up not even making it, erg).

anyway, I was SO embarrassed by the inside of the dress that I obsessed over it for days, and after much mindbending and many tests, I figured out an awesome way to make the BoPeep dress so that it’s completely reversible and awesome, with no hand sewing, not even 3 inches of whipstitching!

I realized about halfway through this process that it’s exactly what happened LAST year, when Carrie released COLLAGE. I was inspired by her fabrics, rushed to make a sub-par sample using her fabrics, and then, once the rush was over, figured out an awesome pattern.

In honor of my original COLLAGE inspiration, I made a new SockSack for myself, out of PAINT!

CAM02930 CAM02934

anyway, once again, the samples I made for Carrie to use aren’t as awesome as I’d like them to be, but the moral of the story is that her fabrics are INCREDIBLY inspirational, and I love them, and her, and hopefully you’ll love PAINT! as soon as you get your hands on it too!

To help some lucky fabricaholic get some PAINT! quickly, Windham is letting me give away a charm pack! comment on this post, (you can just say hi, or you can tell me what you’re inspired to make with PAINT!), and I’ll pick a winner next week!

(and if you want to win a copy of my new BoPeep dress pattern, click here)



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  1. I love collage! Her colours are awesome! I bought some to make a big sock sack! I’m sure I will love paint just as much! These are my colours!!!

  2. You are amazing and rad and there is nothing sub-par about anything you do even when you are rushing! I am in love with the BoPeep dress. Your post is so kind and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support all these years. It was besheret that I met you and Julie and Tess in Long Beach all those years ago. Thank you, my friend. You are wonderful. xoxo. Much love, cb

  3. your dresses are adorable! I love Paint & would love to play with some, not sure yet what I would make…

  4. Carrie is my favorite & I can’t wait to use it on your sock sacks! I always love your fabric choices. And the dresses! Yeah, I think I’ll use my daughter as an excuse to get some.

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