ok, so there’s a new wave on Instagram (I’m @ramonarose over there), led by Katy and Dana, to make Scrappy Bear Paw quilt blocks (to be made into a quilt, obv.).
I have been lusting after the beautiful blocks, but I’m really really really trying to finish up my long ignored WIPs, so I was NOT going to participate.


While driving to pick up the bean, I had a FLASH of inspiration, did the math on my phone while the kiddos played at the park, waited impatiently for kid-bedtime, and then jumped in. By midnight I had a completed Full Size quilt top!


Isn’t it amazing!!?!?!?!? The fabrics are Betty Dear 2, by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman, with some Kona solids (exact names coming soon).

The center is a 6″ block, so it’s tiny and cute and super annoyingly small, but worth it, since you only have to make one!



Even baby Crockett is a fan! It measures 78″ square right now. I think I might add a 6″ border to nudge it up to 90″ square


and it’d be pretty in lots of other fabrics too! I mocked-up the quilt in various fabric collections, like London Calling 3:

scrappy bigfoot lawn

(I’m not sure why those white lines are showing up now, but I can’t get rid of them.)

…or just solids. The Bean helped me choose colors. We made 1 Brown version, and one Red and Pink and Purple version:

scrappy bigfoot brownscrappy bigfoot beanieI’m calling it Bigfoot, because it’s WAY too big to be a bear’s paw. and the center is so tiny, it’s just a little cub paw.

Anyway: if you want to make one too, here’s the info:

Bigfoot cutting



…and because I love coloring, here’s a coloring sheet so you can plan your layout. Print out as many as you’d like:

scrappy bigfoot coloring

Let me know if you have any questions! hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!!