I made a bag a few days ago… It’s been in the works for months in my head…
I really wanted a knitting bowl, but anything breakable… in my house… won’t last more than a few days…

I wanted something fabric, that could go in my bag, but with something to keep the yarn from getting tangled when I knit 2-at-a-time socks. ┬áBut a grommet wouldn’t work, because I want to be able to put in and take out at will, not be attached to the bag til I’m finished or til I cut the yarn.


I made the perfect sock-knitting travel bag EVER.

it has a drawstring to keep it closed when it’s in my diaper bag

it opens up wide to show the 2 balls of yarn IN PARTITIONED sections. and room on top to hold the socks in progress

there are snapping tabs sewn in to lock the yarns in place


and then the drawstrings can be tightened to keep the yarn inside, and the channels keep the yarn feeding out smoothly while knitting.

I’m so proud of myself right now. seriously.


(ps: fabic is all “Just Dandy” by Josephine Kimberling for Robert Kaufman, from a few years back)