Selfish socks!

I’ve knit C several pairs of socks before, but this is my first pair of socks!!! I have happy feet!

so I remember, these are the tools, etc used.

Yarn: Fyberspates Bamboozle, in Foxglove, bought here

needle: Addi Lace, 32″ circular US1/2.5mm

ridiculously cute stitch markers, bought from Fripperies and Bibelots, and they make me SO happy! I was excited everytime I got to go past a stitch marker, because they’re SO cute! (I bought the minis in stars and hearts, and LOVE them. seriously. go buy some. they’re SO CUTE)


thin enough to wear with my sneakers


eye of the partridge heel, for pretty durability


Russian bind off, for stretch


If you look closely, you can see 2 skyp stitches on the outside of each foot. that’s how I differentiate between top and bottom. (this was PRE-supercute-stitch-markers, but I like it)

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