Radiance baby blanket

So, Robert Kaufman has this new fabric, called Radiance, that’s a silk cotton blend. SUPER soft and silky satin. It’s gorgeous, but a little intimidating. slippery. so, I, uh, *suggested* that it might be helpful if I worked with it so I could tell my friends/the world what it was like.

I started with something super simple. strips cut from a half yard pre-cut pack. I laid out the back, then the batting, then did a quilt as you go thing on it, strip by strip. (I still can’t figure out the past tense of “quilt as you go,” quilt as you went? quilted as I go? Quilt as you have gone?), starting at the top with the white.

I quilted each strip differently.


and each section has thread that matches, except this one, for which I did not have matching thread at 11pm, so I used teal.


the back is this awesome black n white triangle fabric (babies like high contrast, yes?), and it’s bound with one of those teal-y Kona cottons that I hoard, but whose names I have forgotten (possibly Jade?).


I’m pretty madly in love.


after I quilted and bound it, I washed it, and it all smooshed up (and lost some shininess), and is SO VERY SOFT AND AMAZING. The hubs has requested a pillow from the scraps, it’s THAT awesome.

(it’s on lend at Sew Modern right now, so peeps wondering about Radiance can pet it and love it and make their own!)

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