Seat belt strap cover thingys

I don’t know what these are called…. But I made 3 of them last night in well under an hour. They sell them at target (UGLY) for $11/pair. I like mine better, (and so do the kiddos)

I just grabbed scraps out of my scrap bin for the squares, and the binding from binding scraps…. (wish I knew where that yellow dot was from. LOVE it. and only had 1 little strip of it.)


this grey Kona coal is left over from a table runner I made last week….


helicopter fabric matches pants they each have….


she approved… she was the one who wanted them, so I’m glad she approves.

the straps velcro on…. I couldn’t find a tutorial for them anywhere (only for the baby-car-seat/bike trailer ones, which are skinnier), but maybe because I don’t know what they’re called?

I can make a tute if anyone else out there wants to make them, but they’re so easy and obvious that a tute might not be necessary…

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