My poor husband often pulls all-nighters at his office, witha quick 3-am power nap…. I decided he needed a small (throw?) quilt to cuddle into when he was too exhausted to drive home….
so here it is:


it’s like 60×70 ish, maybe (I haven’t measured), and made from all fabric on hand (except the green, which is Kona Avocado)

The centers are from a charm pack of Silent Cinema that I won, and couldn’t figure out how to use, and the Kona Turquoise is left over from various RK projects.

I wanted to use Kona Coal for the binding, but didn’t have any, so I used the last little bit of black stippled Greenfield Hill for that, making the binding the only print.

I quilted it in straight lines with the walking foot C just got me, sorta randomly following the edges of the blocks… It’s got wool batting, my favorite, and I quilted it with grey thread….


I can’t think of any other pertinent details, but I love it, and hope he loves it too. I really can’t wait to see it after we wash it….