OK, prep yourself for a lengthy post… I’m gonna show you SOME of what I’ve been up to for the past 2 months:
way back in september I pieced this first one for Robert Kaufman….

The yellow sashing here is Kona Dimensions, it’s a silk cotton blend jacquard, and it’s SO AMAZING. Soft like voile but not so delicate. and really really radiant.

#4 was this Lorax panel quilt, in 2 colorways, Earth and Bright.

(you’ve seen the scraps used for other projects already) (oh, and they’re all organic!)

Then I Swooned for a while:

Then I did bags and bibs, but you saw those already. then I did these 3 Oliver + S raincoats.

then I made another Seville (pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew) in the GORGEOUS satsuki fabric, this time with Kona White as the sashing:

then I played with this awesome Happy Home fabric: I made a whole kitchen set, but the quilting I did on the pot holder was my favorite:

I’m still working on getting C to repaint the kitchen so I can use all my scraps of this gorgeous line. I LOOOOOVE it.

then I think I did this:

and then this:

then I got to play! I got to DESIGN and make this one:

and then, with only a day, I whipped this puppy out:


This last one is the only one I actually quilted and bound, all the other ones went to Angela, who must be the most brilliantly talented long arm quilter in the whole world. She’s seriously amazing. I’m all proud of myself for making 10 quilts, but she had 40-something at spring market, and I bet she had even more in Houston. I’m so so so honored to get to piece for her!

So that’s just the quilts. I also made slipcovers, table runners, table skirts, and I hemmed about a million (ok, closer to 200, but still, a LOT) of 20″ squares. RK will be posting soon about all of their stuff, but I need to start posing again, as I’m already forgetting 1/2 of it. Like, I think I did a whole ‘nother quilt, but I don’t remember what it was….

I think if I get the opportunity to do this many quilts again, I would like to go to Market to see them… hopefully in the spring? I really want to see them all finished and displayed!!!




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  1. You should totally make going to Market a contingency of making quilts for RK. I realize you got some cash for your part of the deal, but now you can negotiate! Remind them that one of your quilts was in a winning booth, and next time you want to go! ANGELA was there, why not RAMONA?? (I know she’s writing a book, but still!) Negotiate!
    They’re all fabulous, by the way. 🙂 Great job!!

    1. oh if ONLY I were as awesome as Angela. RK is more than generously compensating me for my work… But if I get to design more, so it’s more creative than labor, then I’ll totally go. Cross your fingers for me!!!

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