More sewing for Robert Kaufman (the company, not the dude)

I still haven’t been able to choose a favorite.

scottie dogs with coordinating argyle? (size 6)

or maybe

fun Dr Seuss inspired dots? inside and out? (size 3T)

(this fabric looks most like something RTW to me, but I don’t know if that’s good or bad)


I think this might be my fave:

Whales! with coordinating random polka dots inside! (size 3T)

It looks really cute on the Bean, but she actually told me she likes her old raincoat better, and since it still fits, I’m fine with that (and flattered, obvi). here’s an inside shot of the whale one:

This pattern was not the fastest thing I’ve ever made. and some of it was really confusing, but it all worked out ok, and I think I’ll finally get around to making D one of these raincoats (the pattern is from Oliver + S, the School Days raincoat and jacket pattern)

there’s a LOT of hand-sewing (blind-stitching the lining to laminate), which isn’t super fun to do with laminated cotton:

but it looks good!

(here’s the requisite artsy C shot:)