Month: February 2012


I tried 2 hardware stores, and could only find silver rings, so they don’t match the zipper, but I love the bag anyway. btw, these pics were taken in the parking lot of my kiddos’ school. I thought the sailing themed bag needed a photograph at the beach… and it was SUCH a beautiful day.

Fabric paint

I cut the ends off some stalks of celery, and was reminded that the ends make awesome rose stamps… so the Bean and I pulled out some plain home-dec fabric and some fabric paint, and had at it… I did one side, she did the other. I think it’ll be a new bag.

Beach School Sewing, finale.

a set of pencil bags for all the kids in one family (1 boy, 2 girls, all coordinating so they can’t fight over them!) beachy pot-holders vintage-y potholders and then just a little playing around… I was thinking of making a little bag for my new phone, but it might need to be turned into …

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