Scrap/vintage sewing

I made this sunsuit from one of those vintage patterns I bought last month... it's a size 1, and I mostly wanted to see the construction and assembly... I think it came out cute enough that I'll draft a larger version for the Bean later this summer... image

I used leftover Essex Linen in awesome Hot Pink, (and my snap press instead of buttons)...


I would imagine this would be even cuter with the bulk of diapers underneath....


the fit was actually ok, except that she's WAY taller than the wearer is supposed to be... the straps would NOT reach.


but it's still pretty cute. and the pattern as written was pretty neat. I'm thinking if I just took off the bib, and made the straps way longer, it'd be a super cute, vintage-esque shorts pattern for her to wear this summer.... I have some Essex in medium aqua left over... I might need to make a pair like this for Baby Crockett...


not sure why she needed to stand on her toes for every shot, but it was so cute....

Another Ottobre shirt

This shirt honestly takes longer to cut than to sew, (the whole thing takes well under an hour), but the finished product is AWESOME. (it's an Ottobre pattern). I used scraps from my market sewing to whip this out last night... image

IMO, it would look nicer with some solid colored pants or a skirt, but she insisted on wearing it with the helicopters. (because they have pockets).


the Remix heart print is a new knit by RK, and it's a great weight. light enough to wear in the summer, but thick enough to sew easily....


I've made a size 92 again, but I didn't lettuce-edge the sleeves, and they're definitely too short, even though the fit of the rest of it is perfect....


I use snaps instead of the buttons on the pattern, but that's the only mod. and it's just because I'm lazy and have a snap press.

KCWC finale: Vintage patterns....

C and I had a morning date to the antique flea market, and while he was busy inspecting and buying a vintage cash register (seriously, for work), I stumbled upon these gems. Priced at $2-3 each, I absolutely could not resist. image

none of them are the right size, but I can grade the size 1's up, and save the 6....

The Bean, of course, wants this dress with the doll first. sorry, not going to happen....


I ADORE this sunsuit, and cannot WAIT (until after market) to make it. I'm thinking something polkadot....


btw, does anyone know the dealio with sharing vintage patterns? B/c I'd be willing to scan/share, but I dunno if it's legal....

and isn't this the SWEETEST little dress? I think it'll be fun for her to wear this summer, though I can already foresee that C and I will not agree on hem lengths for his little princess... (if it weren't for the politics/religions involved, I think he'd like to dress her in a burka, or just lock her up in a tower)

KCWC raglan t-shirt

My son has a really big head, so when I saw this snapped raglan shirt pattern from Ottobre Magazine, I KNEW I needed to make it for D. But it's only in toddler sizes. SO, I decided to make the pattern in the largest toddler size for the Bean, and the then figure out how to size it up for D.


so we made it this afternoon, just in time to wear to a party at My Gym. I made it a little longer than the pattern, and did a lettuce hem instead of real hem, and left off the cuffs, because I wasn't sure on sizing, but it's PERFECT.


I also used snaps on my snap press instead of buttons, because I only had tissue jersey, and wasn't sure how it would hold up to buttonholes....


I LOVE the collar, it was so easy to put on her! (she has a big head too), and the whole thing took about an hour, so I foresee MANY more of these for both kiddos.

also, it's really hard to stay motivated to do stuff when this is happening on your bed....


don't you just want to snuggle in with Radiator (smaller/darker/fatter) and Killian (fluffier, bigger)?

KCWC success dress

I admit, one of the reasons I love having a daughter is so I can sew for her.

I mean, those sailor pants were cool, but that boy would rather play in his underpants in the mud than sew and model...

so this morning, the Bean and I made this...


This dress has achieved something very few other dresses have done yet. It looks vintage and old fashioned and satisfies my love of classic clothes, but it's got lots of elastic and ease so it's easy to put on and off, and is comfy....


obvi, since it's for the Bean, it also has pockets (this time with hearts stitched across the top, her request).


the skirt is a full circle, so it's fun to spin in...


the waist is elasticized in a casing, as is the collar...


I love flutter sleeves, so that's what this one has... The fabric was from Joann's yesterday, at her insistance...


roomy enough to play, but still be true to my 1950's inspiration...


I love the drama of this picture...


unfortunately, I have no pattern, I totally just winged this one, drawing with pencil directly onto the fabric, based on her sloper...  But I think she might need another dress just like this...

KCWC day 5: dress and MAIL!

we had to go buy RK supplies this morning, at Joanns (double sided fusible interfacing is not something I stock in large amounts), and the Bean found this butterfly fabric, so here's her new dress... image

I had exactly this much of the Kona solid left from a quilt top for one pocket, and I used a butterfly stitch on my Bernina to decorate the top quickly...


the dress is really really simple, just shirred necklines for easy on/off


I think she likes it, as she has been playing butterfly since she put it on...


here she is hiding in the garden with the teeny flowers....


as I was trimming the threads, before I put it on her, my mail arrived, and LOOK at today's bounty! (I also got an ultrasound reminder from my doctor, but no junk mail, or bills, just GOOD STUFF)


I am absolutely SO thrilled to get to sit and plan! KCWC needs to last for at least another week!


Day 3: KCW challenge

I bought this birthday card from Trader Joe's several months ago, for no reason other than that I LOVE the dress. image

Since my Ottobre Kids mags *STILL* haven't arrived (ok, magazines from Norway or wherever they are have a right to take a while), I think I'm going to attempt this today. Time to see what stripey fabric I have in my stash...

BTW, Day 2 of KCWC was spent knitting (and binding a quilt), not sewing, but since I was knitting another pair of longies for Baby Crockett, I think it counts.


KCWC day 1: a red froggie dress

I love honeycomb stitches... image

I spent all day on a quilt for C, (for his office), and then realized that it was the first day of the challenge, (and the Ottobre Kids magazines I ordered haven't come yet), so I grabbed some Kona Tomato (left over from the bunting quilt), and some scraps of this frog print that the Bean totally loves, and whipped out this dress...


It's just a simple raglan, with shirred neck, and 2 pockets, (her favorite aspect of ANY dress).


she's not posing cutely because she was distracted by the lollipop in her mouth, but at least the dress is cute.


I love dresses like this, because I can whip them out in under an hour, and she LOVES them.



I'm not sure how many more of these she's gonna get this week, but I have a LOT of fabric to use up....

KCWC early start

So last year, a friend gave me some of her old clothes to refashion.... I turned this pair of stretch cord jeans into maternity pants a while back, but the stretch is a little too much, and the maternity aspect makes them fall down. I thought and thought about how to fix them, and then decided just to refashion them entirely. So, this morning, the Bean and I made her a new pair of pants. image

Given that she is still wearing her 12- 18m pants as shorts, I just copied a pair of those, and made them way longer.   Too long, perhaps, but we cuffed them for today, and as she's finally growing, maybe they'll actually fit perfectly soon....


She loved the color, the sound, and the inserting of the elastic (she got to do a lot of that herself, whereas I only let her sit on my lap, no touching, while I sew).


when I ask her to turn around, she insists on doing a full turn, so the best I can do of a backside shot is mid-spin, but then, you don't really need to look at my daughter's butt.


All my planning for KCWC is making me itch to sew RIGHT NOW, especially as I don't know how busy I will be with market stuff next week (right now I'm in a holding pattern, waiting for design decisions....)

Beach School Sewing, finale.

image a set of pencil bags for all the kids in one family (1 boy, 2 girls, all coordinating so they can't fight over them!)


beachy pot-holders


vintage-y potholders


and then just a little playing around... I was thinking of making a little bag for my new phone, but it might need to be turned into a hot-pad or something.  I really like looking at this fabric...

A speedy apron

20120204-153008.jpg we went by Momen+ today (because C wanted to go to the brewing supply store around the block), and the Bean insisted that she needed this animal/airplane fabric. It's from the same line as the scrap I used to make her bag last week, and she loves all the animals.

20120204-153654.jpg C is gonna brew again tomorrow, and the Bean is super pumped to be his assistant, so he asked me to make her an apron out of her new fabric. Ergo:

20120204-153813.jpg A very excited Bean, ready to be the Brewmaster's assistant.

A sweet birthday present...

20120204-103738.jpg We've got some little girl birthdays coming up, so I decided to use some of my Anne Kelle lollipop and ice cream cone scraps (I think... It's all a blur from market) with some random other scraps to work on this zippered bag idea again...

20120204-104050.jpg Last time the zipper was too high, this time it's too low, but I'm getting closer.

20120204-104242.jpg I think I'll do one more... Just to make it perfect. Now I have to figure out what to stuff inside the bag....

Twirly girl dress

The Bean loooooves her Joel Dewberry Heirloom dress. Like, A LOT. When she wears it, she gets really excited and calls herself a twirly girl. She wants more, and I want to maker her more, but I whipped out the first one in an hour of inspiration in the middle of the night back in August. At Sew Modern, a few days ago, she picked out fabrics for her next one, but I wanted to see if I could remember how I made the first one before I cut into new fabric. Luckily I have lots of scraps. So I made this one from a fat quarter of a cute Japanese owl print from Momen+ and 1.5 yards of excess Kona Elegance in crimson. I need to add buttons (I'm thinking 4, in a square), and see if it fits in the A.M., but at least I figured out the construction!

20111221-225954.jpgThat's the front, and here's the back:

20111221-230106.jpg ps: the artistic blur is thanks to my awesome kiddos playing with my phone.

a little school jumper...

So, obviously yesterday was 9/11, and I totally couldn't handle it.  I hugged D so hard at one point he complained (he normally loves hugs)... It's a crazy day for me, because we could see the smoke (and we were covered in ash by evening) from across the bay (we, my best friends and I, were all in New Haven, CT at school), so it was pretty tangible, but not tangible like the people who lived IN the city, (although we did go there a good deal). And I found out afterward that my high-school-job-at-the-Gap boss, Ron Gamboa, and his partner Dan, and their 3 year old son, (all of whom I had met, and whose house I'd been at numerous times), was in one of the planes that went into the towers. Geez, I'm tearing up while I write this. But I went to school with people whose parents/siblings/close friends WERE IN THE TOWERS, or were in med school dealing with the emergency stuff, etc, and so my personal trauma has always felt minor compared to theirs...

Still too much for me to deal with though.

So I went crazy yesterday making things. Like that dress on top.

It's just like this yellow-bird jumper I made a few weeks ago, but I wanted to try a new piping idea...  and it worked! yay!


I decided to make a little bib front, and so I used some straight stitch and a decorative stitch (the asterisks), and some old buttons from my gram, and I crocheted a little trim to give it a bit more dimension (I would have preferred lace, but I really didn't want to go anywhere yesterday)

it was just chain stitch with a DC in each chain all the way around, using perle cotton, then sewed down with the bib...

I did the same decorative stitch on the pockets, (but no crochet).  The Bean really likes the buttons. a lot.

The Bean seemed pretty happy with it, although, since I was using a pattern I made almost a year ago, I added an inch in width to both the front and the back. whadyaknow, it's about 2 inches too big around... le sigh. SOMEDAY she will grow, right? (actually, she IS getting taller, finally. those blue pants are size 6-12m, and now they're shorts!)

I blind-hemmed some bias tape for the bottom:

and am quite happy with the finished result... so then, to avoid being alone and watching the news, I also worked on this dress. Non-teaser pics to come soon:



ballet dress for a little girl

we have a birthday party today, for a 3yo girl... like most, she likes pink and ballet, so when I saw this ballet shoe fabric at my Bernina dealer, I snapped up a yard, and made this last night...

I don't have a pattern, but I used the peasant top tutorial from indietutes as a jumping off point...
I added the three little bias-tape roses because the top was too plain...
this might be too long, but it can be a nightgown now, and a dress later; the neckline is elastic, so it should fit for a while...
hopefully she likes it!

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