KCWC raglan t-shirt

My son has a really big head, so when I saw this snapped raglan shirt pattern from Ottobre Magazine, I KNEW I needed to make it for D. But it's only in toddler sizes. SO, I decided to make the pattern in the largest toddler size for the Bean, and the then figure out how to size it up for D.


so we made it this afternoon, just in time to wear to a party at My Gym. I made it a little longer than the pattern, and did a lettuce hem instead of real hem, and left off the cuffs, because I wasn't sure on sizing, but it's PERFECT.


I also used snaps on my snap press instead of buttons, because I only had tissue jersey, and wasn't sure how it would hold up to buttonholes....


I LOVE the collar, it was so easy to put on her! (she has a big head too), and the whole thing took about an hour, so I foresee MANY more of these for both kiddos.

also, it's really hard to stay motivated to do stuff when this is happening on your bed....


don't you just want to snuggle in with Radiator (smaller/darker/fatter) and Killian (fluffier, bigger)?

KCWC: Monster butt Longies


I'm *still* waiting for my Ottobres, which I want for D, and the Bean has been such a disaster I'm totally unmotivated to sew for her from her sloper. So I'm knitting another pair of longies for Crockett. I'm using the Budgie Bloomers pattern again, but I think I figured out how to make them into monster butts. Hopefully they'll be cute. I haven't decided if I'll put teeth on or not...

KCWC early start

So last year, a friend gave me some of her old clothes to refashion.... I turned this pair of stretch cord jeans into maternity pants a while back, but the stretch is a little too much, and the maternity aspect makes them fall down. I thought and thought about how to fix them, and then decided just to refashion them entirely. So, this morning, the Bean and I made her a new pair of pants. image

Given that she is still wearing her 12- 18m pants as shorts, I just copied a pair of those, and made them way longer.   Too long, perhaps, but we cuffed them for today, and as she's finally growing, maybe they'll actually fit perfectly soon....


She loved the color, the sound, and the inserting of the elastic (she got to do a lot of that herself, whereas I only let her sit on my lap, no touching, while I sew).


when I ask her to turn around, she insists on doing a full turn, so the best I can do of a backside shot is mid-spin, but then, you don't really need to look at my daughter's butt.


All my planning for KCWC is making me itch to sew RIGHT NOW, especially as I don't know how busy I will be with market stuff next week (right now I'm in a holding pattern, waiting for design decisions....)

Dr Seuss baby bunting quilt

I just realized I'd never posted about this bunting/pennant quilt, made a few weeks ago for a pregnant lady at RK.... image

Lots of different Dr Seuss fabrics, and some Kona solids....

when you lift up the Kona solids, you'll find textured fabrics underneath....


I only photographed some of the underneaths, but there is: laminated cotton, silk, eyelet, corduroy, flannel, cuddle, satin...., and some other things, I can't remember them all...

here's the flannel back I was referring to:


and my helpers:


Crockett pants

Im preparation for the new arrival.... image

a pair of wool longies (hopefully a long size 3-6m)...

just because, I knitted the Fibonacci sequence in on one leg.... (starting on the left, with the orange: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and then the cuff...)


I also drafted out a pair of 3-6m pants, with extra roominess for the cloth diapers, made with flannel Dr Seuss scraps from the back of the pennant quilt.


I think they'll be cute with a dark blue shirt....


image Here's the quilt for our baby boy, as designed by me and the Bean.


C bought me an early birthday present, a walking foot, so this was my first time using it. LOVE.


here's the back, pieced with scraps.


here's the oops on the back. just so I don't get a swelled head.


here's the folded pretty sitting on the porch...


and the original idea behind both quilts: I cut all these little triangles off as waste from the roof tops when I made this quilt, (Obvi I'm greedier than Angela, as I kept every little bit of these scraps!) and so I sewed them all together, and thought it would make a fun baby quilt, so I ran with it, and now we have 2 matching boy quilts in the house. perfect.

This one measures 50x50 (ish, i'm totally guestimating) and will be for the baby, NOT D.

also for the baby:


these soon-to-be pants. hopefully done by the end of the week.


Baby boy quilt-in-progress, take 2

First, she sorted...

(Well, first I sewed, THEN she sorted)

Then we played.


This one is much smaller, probably 45x55, so it'll actually be for the baby. But it's the same fabric line as D's quilt, so they'll coordinate. Cause clearly my house is all about coordination (not!) C just ordered me an early birthday present, a walking foot, so I think this quilt will be my test drive, when it arrives...

Finished quilt...

image D requested the black sashing with yellow (perle cotton) stitching to simulate roads....


I pieced the back with the leftover big pieces....


It's not super noticeable, because I switched thread color A LOT, but each block is FMQ'ed differently... sort of a practice sampler for me...


the different quilting is most noticeable from the back, but I think I like it....


It definitely works on D's bed....




even the kitties approve!

A little boy quilt

image I always have lots of scraps (sometimes lots of actual yardage) leftover after I make a quilt top for Robert Kaufman, so I decided to use some of the smaller scraps to make a quilt for the boy I am gestating right now...


here's the view looking down right now....


the Bean "helped" me whip this one out...


of course, as I worked on it, it grew bigger and bigger, so now that it's done (post soon), it's on D's bed, and a new one is in progress for the baby....

Tangerine Tango WIP

20120208-191753.jpg I don't think I'll meet the March deadline for the Tangerine Tango Challenge, but I'm having fun working with these paper pieced bits.

I wasn't sure I'd like it, because basting isn't super fun, but I've got a bunch basted now, and I like whip stitching them together, and I LOVE taking out the basting and papers... So I think I'm gonna finish it.

20120208-192100.jpg I have this cool multilayer box that I use to carry all my supplies in... Ps: Radiator (D's kitten) fully approves of an orange quilt.

Beach School baby blanket

20120202-213740.jpg Here's another item up for auction(made at retreat). The fabric is most of a Remix charm pack, (arranged so helpfully by Lori), bordered in Kona White, and again with backing supplied by the always wonderful Liberty. (It's a Riley Blake dot print), bound in a pretty Kona aqua color... I quilted it in double diagonal lines (thanks for the brilliant suggestion, Hollie), with (Hollie's) variegated thread... I love love love it.



Drunk Practice

I just made a bunch of fabric squares and some slipcovers for Robert Kaufman, and (BEST perk ever) I got to keep all the scraps... I'm also supposed to make a baby-sized Drunkards Path quilt top this weekend, and I decided I needed to practice. Luckily, now I have lots of scraps of cute fabric... I used my Olfa rotary circle cutter to cut the pieces (I hate templates), and I finally figured out my Curve Master presser foot (purchased at the 2008 or 9 LBIQF, ignored ever since), and made this little quilt top tonight:


Isn't it pretty!?!?!? It's all organic (not-yet-released) fabrics, from awesome designers Betz White and Laurie Wisbrun, and then the white border is organic Kona... I'm loving all the new organic fabrics, in such amazing, modern, vibrant prints!


I'm not sure who this is for... I think it's pretty gender neutral, right? I mean, it's all blues and greens (ok, there's a smattering of magenta, but not much), but then it's dots and flowers and lambs... so hopefully it can go either way? I have a friend who's preggers with #2, so I'm gonna try to finish it up asap and mail it off as an early welcome to the new baby...



Oh, and I'm pretty happy with the way my blocks came out! Yay for the Curve Master! Now I just need to figure out the quilting! Oh, and make that whole other drunkards path (mine was only 28 curved blocks, but I have to make 140 for this "baby" quilt)...

But while we're on the subject of using up my RK organic scraps, here's a sneak peak of how I used up some of the leftover Lorax prints:

(can you tell I have lots of skinny strips of white leftover?)


Laminate. Ick.

Ok, so I LOVE the finished product, but working with laminated cotton isn't all that much fun. Tonight, instead of quilts, I got to make some really cute bags and bibs from some REALLY cute fabrics...

20110926-233945.jpgThese bibs were made with the pattern in "Simple Sewing for Baby" by Lotta Jansdotter (I'm SO proud of the pattern matching on the center Cat in the Hat bib!)

20110926-234108.jpg Poochie Bags by Happy Zombie, in AWESOME Dr. Seuss laminate. Now I just need to make 3 or 4 Oliver + S raincoats from more cute laminated cotton. Maybe tomorrow?

a million dirty* bags....

or maybe just 39?

My kids are lucky enough to go to school here, in Abalone Cove, at thePortuguese Bend Nursery School (Beach School). It is a parent participation school, (aka co-op), and its IN THE SAND ON THE BEACH.  crazy cool. Anyway, we try to be green, and this year we're eradicating our snack trash by using plastic cups, bowls, plates (we have at least a year's worth of utensils, so we're going to finish off those before we buy re-usable ones)...

To that end, I was asked to make each child (plus the teachers, plus a few extra in case of loss) a snack kit bag. Given our scenic location, the Pres and I chose this fishy fabric (school colors are blue and white, and then the younger class is yellow, the older class is red, so this print incorporated all the appropriate colors as well as the theme), and I got a lot of zippers (super awesome metal ones from here), and a ROLL of PUL (polyurethane laminate, used for cloth diapers, and other waterproof-fabric-needs), and some cotton webbing (the blue handles), and I went to work!

I made one for Teacher Sandy, and one for Teacher Faith:

 (in retrospect, a more contrasty color would have been a good idea. oh well)

And one for each Red Bird (like my son!) and each Yellow Bird (ditto, daughter)



It's a little bit pretty here, right?  BTW, we are totally and completely full for the 3 year old class, but if you live in the South Bay of LA, and want a ridiculously awesome pre-school for a RIDICULOUSLY low price (like, because we're a co-op, we're the cheapest in the area), we DO have a spot in the Red Bird class (must be age 4 by November 2). PLEASE pass this info on to anyone who might be interested!!!!


* (Dirty Bags are what cloth-diapering people call this kind of bag, but these are very clean, I promise)