A bag.

image as part of passing on a board position at the kiddos' preschool, I made a bag to hold the 1st VP binder....


I used some stash gaberdine, some lovely circa 1934 dots (won during the White Elephant at the LAMQG retreat), and some Quilters Linen (LOOOOOVE)


I put pockets inside for pens, keys, etc, and embroidered the outside pocket with a simple flower, just for fun....

it wound up being a really handy size, I might need to make more...

I started with rectangles, 17x19", and I think the bottom triangles were 2"...

Happy Birthday to my sister...

I was asked to make a Keyka Lou zip clutch from some new fabrics by RK, but wasn't sure about how they would appear on the finished bag, so I decided to test the pattern... I used some scraps, which happened to match this bag... image

the finished bag was super cute, the pattern was awesome, but we wound up using different fabrics to make the bag, as the original print was too large for this bag... but I highly recommend it to anyone looking to make a cute zip clutch....


since it was made in the middle of the night on my sister's birthday, it was packaged along with the big bag, and made a lovely gift for her...


unfortunately, since it was made in the middle of the night, there are no good pictures...

Quilters Linen Chopsticks quilt



I finished this one late at night, so only have midnight pics. The purple and tan quilters linen from last week got turned into this quilt. Chopsticks by Jaybird Quilts. I <_3 quilters="quilters" linen.="linen." oh="oh" and="and" the="the" _2nd="_2nd" pic="pic" is="is" back.="back." its="its" gonna="gonna" be="be" a="a" farewell="farewell" signature="signature" quilt="quilt" for="for" peeps="peeps" at="at" rk.="rk." _="_" p="p">

Another bag...

This puppy needs a name. image

I made another one to test my pattern, and I LOVE it. (BTW, if any of you love this bag as much as I do, I'd love a pattern tester!)


My sister's birthday is coming up, and that blue is her favorite color, so I think it's headed her way, but I have enough of the fabric left over to make another one for myself. :)


Zip pocket on the inside on one side...


And triple pocket on the other side (my straight pocket trifecta: cellphone, pen, keys/earbuds).

All fabrics bought last week from the lovely lively ladies at SewModern. (They're VERY lovely,  and I do love them muchly, but my autocorrect reminded me that one reason I love them is that they're very lively)

Beach School Sewing, finale.

image a set of pencil bags for all the kids in one family (1 boy, 2 girls, all coordinating so they can't fight over them!)


beachy pot-holders


vintage-y potholders


and then just a little playing around... I was thinking of making a little bag for my new phone, but it might need to be turned into a hot-pad or something.  I really like looking at this fabric...

Ty Pennington pillowcases (finally)

20120208-191032.jpg I finally got around to sewing pillowcases for our bed (per C's christmas request) this morning. I don't know why it's taken me so long, since all 5 were made in under an hour...

20120208-191244.jpg Killian gave them his full approval, I assume, since he slept on them ALL day.


Of course, he "supervised" all of the sewing.. 20120208-191447.jpg

I'm always amused by how insulted cats get when the project I was working on before they decided to come supervise dares to touch them or invade their space in any way...

Valentine blocks!

20120204-202724.jpg I pieced the valentines blocks for the teacher-gift bags I'm hoping to make tomorrow. I actually took a long nap, so I have energy to keep going, but I wanna photograph the steps, so I have to wait till tomorrow. But I got the blocks done, so I'm counting it a a done project.

20120204-202957.jpg I bought a little of this heart fabric at Sew Modern last week, and LOVE it. As does the Bean. Expect to see more.


A speedy apron

20120204-153008.jpg we went by Momen+ today (because C wanted to go to the brewing supply store around the block), and the Bean insisted that she needed this animal/airplane fabric. It's from the same line as the scrap I used to make her bag last week, and she loves all the animals.

20120204-153654.jpg C is gonna brew again tomorrow, and the Bean is super pumped to be his assistant, so he asked me to make her an apron out of her new fabric. Ergo:

20120204-153813.jpg A very excited Bean, ready to be the Brewmaster's assistant.

A sweet birthday present...

20120204-103738.jpg We've got some little girl birthdays coming up, so I decided to use some of my Anne Kelle lollipop and ice cream cone scraps (I think... It's all a blur from market) with some random other scraps to work on this zippered bag idea again...

20120204-104050.jpg Last time the zipper was too high, this time it's too low, but I'm getting closer.

20120204-104242.jpg I think I'll do one more... Just to make it perfect. Now I have to figure out what to stuff inside the bag....

Beach School baby blanket

20120202-213740.jpg Here's another item up for auction(made at retreat). The fabric is most of a Remix charm pack, (arranged so helpfully by Lori), bordered in Kona White, and again with backing supplied by the always wonderful Liberty. (It's a Riley Blake dot print), bound in a pretty Kona aqua color... I quilted it in double diagonal lines (thanks for the brilliant suggestion, Hollie), with (Hollie's) variegated thread... I love love love it.



Tooth Monster Pillow


D's had 2 loose tooth for over a month, and one finally came out today. In preparation for our first tooth fairy visit, d and I made this very simple pillow... The mouth is a pocket to hold a tooth (currently in a little sandwich bag), or an iPod (so it doesn't get lost in bed when he's listening to audio books). Super fast to sew up, and D is super super excited to put it to use to tonight.


Beach School placemats

Robert Kaufman donated some awesome stuff for the fundraiser at my kids' school... An old (but unused) market quilt, some aprons, and some fabric precuts. As far as I know (and it's a small school, so I do know), I'm the only one who sews. So I took the pre-cuts to the guild retreat, and made some stuff. Here's a set of 4 placemats made from a charm pack... each is 12 charm squares (I supplemented with some Kona solids)



they're bound in Kona Espresso, (because I still have random pieces of that left over from my Cathedral Windows quilt), and Liberty was awesome enough to share this fantastic strawberry fabric that was JUST the right color scheme. She had enough for all of them, which is super awesome.



I quilted them all the same way, 1/4" (ish) from the seams, all the way across every way, like a grid, basically.


definitely not a color scheme I would choose, but I'm proud of them, nonetheless. Hopefully they'll do well at the school auction. The 4 look really good altogether.



Twirly girl dress

The Bean loooooves her Joel Dewberry Heirloom dress. Like, A LOT. When she wears it, she gets really excited and calls herself a twirly girl. She wants more, and I want to maker her more, but I whipped out the first one in an hour of inspiration in the middle of the night back in August. At Sew Modern, a few days ago, she picked out fabrics for her next one, but I wanted to see if I could remember how I made the first one before I cut into new fabric. Luckily I have lots of scraps. So I made this one from a fat quarter of a cute Japanese owl print from Momen+ and 1.5 yards of excess Kona Elegance in crimson. I need to add buttons (I'm thinking 4, in a square), and see if it fits in the A.M., but at least I figured out the construction!

20111221-225954.jpgThat's the front, and here's the back:

20111221-230106.jpg ps: the artistic blur is thanks to my awesome kiddos playing with my phone.