Beach School baby blanket

20120202-213740.jpg Here's another item up for auction(made at retreat). The fabric is most of a Remix charm pack, (arranged so helpfully by Lori), bordered in Kona White, and again with backing supplied by the always wonderful Liberty. (It's a Riley Blake dot print), bound in a pretty Kona aqua color... I quilted it in double diagonal lines (thanks for the brilliant suggestion, Hollie), with (Hollie's) variegated thread... I love love love it.



a good night's work...

I'm soooo excited about getting to use fancy fabrics... I usually just buy remnants for myself, or regular old quilting cotton, but for this wedding quilt, I bought some Folksy Flannel, and some Little Folks Voile, and some Far Far Away double gauze... and then, because I liked the corderoy I used on my quilt, I got some for this one... the center of each block is a dark blue (not quite navy) thin waled corderoy... (Yale colors, since it's going to fellow Eli's for their wedding (thank goodness they don't read this!)). I'm also using various scraps that coordinate, just because.

The groom informed me that he likes green best, and she likes blue best, so I'm doing MOSTLY those colors, with pops of other colors...

I really really like it so far... I'm trying to find a balance between wonky and not wonky, so a few wonky scraps are in the mix, but the new ones are cut stright... I think the occasional wonky piece makes it more interesting...

just playing with the layout... I've never seen a string quilt with this sort of layout.....
maybe I should just make a big "Y" (KIDDING).
I think I might need a string quilt of my own...
(oh, I'm following the tute from here, and I'm using phone book pages cut to 8" square)

I also decided that for mother's day, I want roses... so I started making them tonight... I'm making a mixed baker's dozen for myself, 7 crimson, 7 butter yellow... we'll see if I go back for more lining fabric after I finish this... (I self-limited my color choices to the cheapest of the lining fabrics, but there are some really pretty pinks that I might go back for!). I used this tute, and I LOVE the result! I haven't actually sewn this one together yet, just gathered and wrapped, but so far I'm really happy with the result. This is totally next on my list!

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more fabric...

I got a phonebook from my dad's house a few weeks ago, and finally started tearing it apart... First I ripped out a big chunk, but it didn't come out neatly, so instead I took out lots of little chunks, 5-15 pages at a time... then I cut them into squares... I'm going to use these squares to make a string quilt! I'm so excited. I LOVE STRING QUILTS!!!!! (don't you?)
a very dear friend is getting married soon, and he's one of the snuggliest people I know. What could be better than a snuggly, soft, extra big throw blanket/quilt? I was originally inspired by Anna Marie Horner's flannels and voiles, but after trekking the kids to 5 (FIVE!) fabric stores yesterday, I gave up and ordered some online. I came home with double gauze, flannel, linen, corduroy, and regular quilting cotton... (I also ordered some dobby dots)
I'm going for mostly greens and blues, but we'll see what happens...
my husband's business partner is also getting married soon, so I'm going to make them a quilt too... I'm thinking stripes... of some sort.... not quite sure yet...
supposedly the yellow of the nano iri double gauze in the middle (the large polka dots) is the bride's favorite color... (if the fabric weren't so expensive, I'd LIVE in double gauze)... she also likes pink, green and brown....
I think I'll do lots of solids for them, since I couldn't find much for them...
not bad though, for shopping with 2 babies? I can't WAIT to start cutting!

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I quilted it with wonky diagonal lines, both directions
(making an x)... I did a loose baste on the blue border, my goal is to
do some fancy hand quilting there... someday....

I finished hand stitching the binding last night, thanks to my trusty
thimble. Now it's time to finish the Bean's quilt, and then plan one
for C. He wants a couch quilt, and I think I'll use a cowboy panel I
got over Xmas vacation to go with some of the squares.

Amazing invention!

I've never used one before. Clearly, as they've been around for
hundreds of tees, I'm late drinking the koolaid, but OMG they're
amazing!!! I have tried them before on my thumb or index finger, but
it turns out they go on your middle finger. I was able to FINISH 2.5
sides of my quilt binding soooo easily tonight, all due to my new
discovery. I'm in luuuuuurve. Seriously. If you've never used one,
it's worth trying.

tonight's blocks

I made a 15" warm block for the LA Modern Quilt Guild's charity quilt

a 12" Magic Cross block (this week's Modify Tradition block)

a 6" Forest Paths block (last week's MT block)

and I threw in an extra pinwheel... not sure what it's called, it's "Block Five" of the Pinwheel Quilt Along on P.S. I Quilt.

now workout, and then maybe a few minutes of sewing the binding on my quilt... I'm soooo close to being DONE with it!

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I've pin-basted AND spray basted this quilt sandwich, but I still
haven't started quilting it!
A)I really struggled with the quilting design, but I think I've
settled on meandering diagonal lines.
B) how to quilt it. Should I do it by hand? It's REALLY big
(california King, 112ish" x 112ish"), so manouvering it through my
machine is going to be tricky
C) the bean likes it just the way it is on the bed (safety pins 'n'
all!). It's the perfect location for her to sit and shred a magazine
while I ponder quilting designs.