Tangerine Tango WIP

20120208-191753.jpg I don't think I'll meet the March deadline for the Tangerine Tango Challenge, but I'm having fun working with these paper pieced bits.

I wasn't sure I'd like it, because basting isn't super fun, but I've got a bunch basted now, and I like whip stitching them together, and I LOVE taking out the basting and papers... So I think I'm gonna finish it.

20120208-192100.jpg I have this cool multilayer box that I use to carry all my supplies in... Ps: Radiator (D's kitten) fully approves of an orange quilt.

Easter basket and eggs...

pink stripes for the bean

blue stripes for D

eggs for both!

10 eggs done, 25 to go, and both baskets done. I loved making the
baskets, but they're really small. I might need to make more, larger....
I'm gonna try wet felting some eggs tomorrow, and I need to put faces
on the bunnies for the kiddos. And make them Easter outfits. (Even though we're not religious, and therefore don't really "need" the traditional Easter dress-up thing...)
Am thinking of sewing a shirt for D with a stencil of "Milo the Really
Big Bunny"