Bags n babies

D and I stopped by the new Daiso Japan store in Torrance last week. they have cute little metal clasp frames for $1.50, so I bought one and tried it out. image

I suck at glueing.


and next time I'll make my own shape (less pear-y), but this time I followed the pattern that comes with the clasp. (Or, rather, I followed the pattern piece and illustrations. the instructions were written in Japanese, so they didn't help me much)


but it came out cute, and the Bean was pleased.

Since I had that linen out.... I decided to try tiny hexies...


I printed out a sheet of 1/4" hexies (man, there sure are a lot on 1 page! I cut about 40, and used 7)

here's my late night basting...


I used a blanket stitch to applique them onto a scrap of linen, and made a zip pouch from it. came out pretty cute, if I do say so myself!


I've been able to get a lot done these days (even though I'm not posting much. Everything is for Fall Market, and therefore hush hush), because my little dude spends a lot of time like this:


Appliqué and thimbling

20111108-221658.jpg I <3 Interlibrary Loan! After buying my Thimblelady thimble a few weeks ago, and loving it, I used ILL to order her quilting and applique books... I read through the Applique book today, and then practiced this butterfly.... Not bad for my first attempt, right? I started with practice butterfly #5 of 20 (sequenced in order of difficulty). I think I'm hooked!

Oh, and here's a sneak peek of a teeny tiny swoon bit I'll be guest posting about on Thursday:


Amazing invention!

I've never used one before. Clearly, as they've been around for
hundreds of tees, I'm late drinking the koolaid, but OMG they're
amazing!!! I have tried them before on my thumb or index finger, but
it turns out they go on your middle finger. I was able to FINISH 2.5
sides of my quilt binding soooo easily tonight, all due to my new
discovery. I'm in luuuuuurve. Seriously. If you've never used one,
it's worth trying.