Selfish socks!

image I've knit C several pairs of socks before, but this is my first pair of socks!!! I have happy feet!

so I remember, these are the tools, etc used.

Yarn: Fyberspates Bamboozle, in Foxglove, bought here

needle: Addi Lace, 32" circular US1/2.5mm

ridiculously cute stitch markers, bought from Fripperies and Bibelots, and they make me SO happy! I was excited everytime I got to go past a stitch marker, because they're SO cute! (I bought the minis in stars and hearts, and LOVE them. seriously. go buy some. they're SO CUTE)


thin enough to wear with my sneakers


eye of the partridge heel, for pretty durability


Russian bind off, for stretch


If you look closely, you can see 2 skyp stitches on the outside of each foot. that's how I differentiate between top and bottom. (this was PRE-supercute-stitch-markers, but I like it)

Overwhelmed by WIP's Wednesday...

I had to take a blood test at the Dr this morning, and took some quilty books to look at while waiting for the hour to pass... As I did so, I reminded myself that I have several unfinished projects... I made a list... this is stuff that's already been cut/started (but just fabric/yarn purchased/saved doesn't count)

it's a little overwhelming, and on top of the fact that I failed my glucose test, (and therefore have to go back sometime soon for the 4 hour test, which is HORRIBLE), I'm feeling a little overwhelmed (or maybe just whelmed, since it means the EXACT same thing as overwhelmed. English makes no sense.).

So, I decided to start with garage-ing the fabrics I have plans for, but are as yet still yardage. to clear some space in my cutting area.

In doing so, I found a box o' blocks from the Modify Tradition QAL, however many years ago that was... I think I need to whip this out into a quilt top so I can be done with it....


but they're all different sizes, so I have to figure that out... I have lots of Kona in Ruby, and some more of that red floral that's in every block....


I also found this baby quilt top... not sure why it was abandoned, but it needs to be quilted and gifted to some little baby girl pronto.


here's my list....

I'm gonna try to get some of the easier things done quickly, so I can shorten this list.

painting the roses: aqua, white, glacier, curry (piecing) C negroni shirt (sew) butterfly quilt (on red) grandmother's fan/dresden (piecing) Summer Sampler (piecing) Modify Tradition (make into top) crockett monster pants (knit) D pirate sweater (knit) afgahn (crochet) (need to find hook) hexy sweater (crochet) (NEED TO FIND) Xmas swoon Tangerine Tango (paper piecing) Windmill quilt (hand quilting 1/2 done) found baby quilt (needs back and quilting) floral embroidery quilt dad quilt (needs quilting) Postage Stamp (needs back and quilting) D raincoat (need to sew now that I have buttons)

KCWC: Monster butt Longies


I'm *still* waiting for my Ottobres, which I want for D, and the Bean has been such a disaster I'm totally unmotivated to sew for her from her sloper. So I'm knitting another pair of longies for Crockett. I'm using the Budgie Bloomers pattern again, but I think I figured out how to make them into monster butts. Hopefully they'll be cute. I haven't decided if I'll put teeth on or not...

Crockett pants

Im preparation for the new arrival.... image

a pair of wool longies (hopefully a long size 3-6m)...

just because, I knitted the Fibonacci sequence in on one leg.... (starting on the left, with the orange: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and then the cuff...)


I also drafted out a pair of 3-6m pants, with extra roominess for the cloth diapers, made with flannel Dr Seuss scraps from the back of the pennant quilt.


I think they'll be cute with a dark blue shirt....


image Here's the quilt for our baby boy, as designed by me and the Bean.


C bought me an early birthday present, a walking foot, so this was my first time using it. LOVE.


here's the back, pieced with scraps.


here's the oops on the back. just so I don't get a swelled head.


here's the folded pretty sitting on the porch...


and the original idea behind both quilts: I cut all these little triangles off as waste from the roof tops when I made this quilt, (Obvi I'm greedier than Angela, as I kept every little bit of these scraps!) and so I sewed them all together, and thought it would make a fun baby quilt, so I ran with it, and now we have 2 matching boy quilts in the house. perfect.

This one measures 50x50 (ish, i'm totally guestimating) and will be for the baby, NOT D.

also for the baby:


these soon-to-be pants. hopefully done by the end of the week.


Hats for Kat

As I think I said before, my friend Kat needs some things knitted up for her photography business... so tonight I worked on some hats... she chose the yarn (fun bulky brown yarn with a variegated twist of blue/green/beige)...

I knitted these up with size 11 needles...

this top one has a straight top, no decreasing... (makes it look almost like it is a hat with bear cub ears)

below shows the same hat, but with the brim rolled up

and here's one with normal decreasing...

the doll's head makes it look really pointy, even though it isn't...

see? not pointy.

the top one has about 2" of 2x2 ribbing, but I didn't bother on the second one. The yarn is so bulky it doesn't show, and the needles are big enough that I don't think the stretch factor will be necessary...

now if only all kids/moms can be well enough to have a playdate, I can hand everything off to her!