National quilting day!

In honor of NQD, I'm going to do the following:
Appreciate the quilts on my bed
Go check out a new fabric store with my kiddos (just looking. Max of
$10 to spend)
Recover my ironing board
Do this week's modify tradition quilt along block
START QUILTING my "piepan" quilt!

Perhaps my list is overly ambitious.
Maybe I should just do the first one. My bed does have lovely quilts
on it. They're best appreciated from underneath....

adrenaline/caffeine/cold medicine

I'm sick. I have a really painful sore throat, so talking is rough right now.

but once the kiddos were in bed, I had no need for talking!

I drew this cement mixer...

and then cut lots of little bits, and did a LOT of blanket-stitch, and some thread painting, and got this:

I'll get good pictures with a real camera in daylight, but I was so excited, I had to post a preview right away.

I also made yet another race car shirt for D (this is #5 or 6). I clearly bought too much of this fabric, but it's finally all used up. This shirt has long sleeves, so at least its not exactly the same as the others (which were all really just muslins, and hopefully I can disappear some of them, or fix them and give them as gifts).

I also got lots of ironing done.

I think/hope this stack is about 150 semi-circles... Just need to sew them together to make my pie pans...

oh, and I need to add to it (I'm planning some 4leaf clovers for the immediate future), but this is on my front door right now:

Coffee Filters! (LOTS of them)!