Scrappy Radiance for the Bean

sooo, remember that Radiance baby blanket? here's a bigger one, traditionally pieced (ie, not "quilted as I went"), basted, and quilted. image

i made it using a 1/2 yard bundle of 7 (i think) shades of pink/wine.


I purposefully was a little sloppy/scrappy making this, sewing some pieces wrong side up, not perfectly squaring up the pieced blocks, etc, because I wanted to see if the quilting and washing would cover any flaws that beginners might make working with such silky fabrics.


I quilted a different "flower" design in each block, per my daughter's instructions, except for the blocks in which I quilted her name... (below, you can see Fiona quilted in the bright pink block)


it does fray more than regular cotton, so raw edges on a garment or something need to be well finished, but I'm not too worried since it's quilted down....


it's backed with corduroy, and SO very lucious and soft, and the mistakes are ALL INVISIBLE.

I LOOOOOVE Radiance and can't wait to work with it more!!!

Ty Pennington pillowcases (finally)

20120208-191032.jpg I finally got around to sewing pillowcases for our bed (per C's christmas request) this morning. I don't know why it's taken me so long, since all 5 were made in under an hour...

20120208-191244.jpg Killian gave them his full approval, I assume, since he slept on them ALL day.


Of course, he "supervised" all of the sewing.. 20120208-191447.jpg

I'm always amused by how insulted cats get when the project I was working on before they decided to come supervise dares to touch them or invade their space in any way...

Valentine blocks!

20120204-202724.jpg I pieced the valentines blocks for the teacher-gift bags I'm hoping to make tomorrow. I actually took a long nap, so I have energy to keep going, but I wanna photograph the steps, so I have to wait till tomorrow. But I got the blocks done, so I'm counting it a a done project.

20120204-202957.jpg I bought a little of this heart fabric at Sew Modern last week, and LOVE it. As does the Bean. Expect to see more.


Penny the penguin (and Peter Pan)

Peter is up first... 20111117-065105.jpg


I read about this Eraser Clay on Remarkably Domestic, and my kiddos love those weird little erasers, so I thought this clay would be fun for them. I made this Peter Pan (with a pink feather, because red isn't an option) at D's request. You can see the crayons in the background for some idea of scale. he's quite small. clearly I need more practice, but he's pretty cute, if I do say so myself. haven't tested the erasing quality yet. but that's ok.

I also made this on tuesday:




isn't he cute?!?!?! I totally faked it, so he's not perfect, but I'm pretty proud of him. D and I were looking for a "papa present" (usually a coffee mug) for him to give C for xmas, and found these penguin ornaments. he wanted. I balked at the price/weird eyes; so I knit (knitted?)!


I knit him flat, with leftover yarn scraps, and then sewed him up the back... He measures like 3 inches tall/ maybe 4? clearly I need to go measure him sometime.... but not now.

here he is waving hello to you:





of course, the problem with having 2 kids is that when you make something for one of  them, the other one wants one too.

so I made an Emperor penguin for the Bean. Now I have notes on how to make them, so I can hopefully make 1 more and post a pattern/tutorial. It's pretty easy, but it takes almost as much sewing as knitting....

OH, and the kiddos are both insisting that THEIR penguin is named Penny, just like the penguin in the Magic Tree House books. I hate uncreative names, but there's no point in arguing. therefore, meet Penny and Penny, the penguins.


I'm thinking of making a red one and a yellow one for the kiddo's preschool teachers...

both kids slept with them last night. it was totally cute.


Easter Bunny Peeps Pins!

I totally couldn't resist, especially since I had some white felt and easter egg dye...

I dunno how big they are, I didn't measure at any point, but you can see the scale...

the colors are a little off, the red one is actually pink, pretty close to the candies, and the yellow is a PERFECT match.
I used the ball head of a pin to do the eye dots...
I think there are more of these in my future... I really wanted to make the bunting, but didn't have time... perhaps if I start it next week, I might finish it in time for next year?

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More Easter prep...

while the Bean took a (short) nap today, we colored eggs...

C and D colored easter eggs...

(I made C wear an apron, and I only have girly aprons...)

this was D's first time, so mostly we did plain eggs, but he was thrilled by them.

look how pretty! (they're drying on D's geo-board)

there was plenty of dye left, so I made some small skeins of natural colored yarn, and just dyed all these in the microwave... (all shades of blue and green for my crocheted blanket)

I also made some yellow and pink felt so I can make some bunny peep pins tonight... so I'd better get to work!

Easter basket and eggs...

pink stripes for the bean

blue stripes for D

eggs for both!

10 eggs done, 25 to go, and both baskets done. I loved making the
baskets, but they're really small. I might need to make more, larger....
I'm gonna try wet felting some eggs tomorrow, and I need to put faces
on the bunnies for the kiddos. And make them Easter outfits. (Even though we're not religious, and therefore don't really "need" the traditional Easter dress-up thing...)
Am thinking of sewing a shirt for D with a stencil of "Milo the Really
Big Bunny"