Built like a ROCK.


Cleaning: Excitement! TADA!!!!

Once I pieced the block (as a test of the motor/power supply), I sat down at the computer, and tried to find out when/who made this powerhouse of a machine.
So far, my research shows (according to the label on the motor) that even though she is "badged" World's Rotary," she's  really just a White sewing machine, which is not rare or anything, (but still SUPER awesome!). The motor also says that it was "patented October 25, 1927," which gave me a time frame at least!
After searching and googling for an hour, I finally found this image, so, based on my machine's serial, I'm going with 1931. So today, we're celebrating her 80th birthday! CRAZY!
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My first western shirt!

I finished the shirt for my dad! I need to work on snap placement/
installation, but it's totally wearable, and it IS just a muslin,
after all! I'm pretty pleased with it. I think I might need my own,
with pretty embroidery... I'm psyched, especially about the pretty
snaps. I used the Dritz #16P Pliers with white, size 16 Pearl Snap
Fasteners(all bought when the notions wall at Joanns was 50%off). I
also got a rolled-seam foot (#64 for my bernina), a per the directions
in my shirtmaking kit. I ordered the flat-felled-seam foot too (my
dealer was out of stock when I went in last week), so when I make the
real one, I'll have that to make my seams pretty.

A shirt for my dad...

Ok, so we have 2 big dogs... our XL dog door cost over a hundred dollars, and the flap ripped within 6 months... supposedly that's just what happens. So I found a tute on the internet showing how to make your own dog door using various wooden things and then cutting down a car floor mat for the flap, and I made C make a new flap that way. It lasted for about a month. and fell off completely yesterday... so we looked into buying a new flap, but they retail for $60!!! and some reviewers say that they replace every few months! YIKES!

So i thought about using leather, and I thought about using vinyl, and then maybe ducttape... so at Joanns today, I bought some duct tape (black, with a 50%off coupon, so totally affordable), and I also noticed the "outdoor canvas." I bought yellow to match the walls, even though my plan is to coat the canvas with layers of woven duct tape... for now though: tada! duct tape to hold up the cut canvas flap!

luckily it's almost summer, we mostly just need the flap to a) keep flies/chickens OUT, b) keep the bean IN. this will, at least temporarily, do both... hopefully....

In OTHER news, both C and my dad love western shirts... and have requested some custom ones...

I found a Simplicity Pattern for $.99 last week, and, having looked at the pieces/construction, am using it more as a sloper than as the actual pattern... It's just a little too over done, while being simultaneously really oversimplified... So I took apart a really really really old threadbare shirt of my dads, and used the Simplicity pattern as the base to build off... I've made new yokes, pockets, etc... I'm trying to use Shirtmaking so I can actually pull this off...

I went shopping with my dad, last week, and had him choose fabric (it's a very bold orange and black African geometric print). I steered him away from stripes and plaids, thinking they'd be hard, but, of course, that's actually recommended for your first attempt, as it's easier to check grain... so I went back to joanns, and bought more fabric, this time in a nice simple "homespun check" of forest green and tan... it's working up quite quickly (I cut it all, and have sewn up the body/collar in 3-4 hours, just the sleeves left for tomorrow!)

I cut the pockets/flaps on the bias, which I love, and I cut the front yoke at an angle (because I didn't have enough fabric to match the stripes, or to do straight bias). I like the angle though, I think it's interesting...

the matching on the back is so perfect as to be practically invisible! I think I need more intense top-stitching, but I'm not sure what to do... maybe thicker thread? maybe a fancy stitch? with more forethought, I could have used my embroidery machine, but it's too late now, as its all sewn up...

I'm really looking forward to a) using the pretty pearl snaps, b) playing with the decorative options in the future!

National quilting day!

In honor of NQD, I'm going to do the following:
Appreciate the quilts on my bed
Go check out a new fabric store with my kiddos (just looking. Max of
$10 to spend)
Recover my ironing board
Do this week's modify tradition quilt along block
START QUILTING my "piepan" quilt!

Perhaps my list is overly ambitious.
Maybe I should just do the first one. My bed does have lovely quilts
on it. They're best appreciated from underneath....

Yesterday was productive:

Two shirts for D (more onesie-collars. I can get 1short sleeve and 1
long sleeve out of 1 yd jersey, so at $2.69/yd, these are awesomely
cheap shirts. This green print has small racecars all over. D found it
himself, and loves it)
I also took an old stretched out waistband off one of my gram's
squaredancing skirts and replaced it. New fabric and elastic!
Tonight I took the night off from crafting and read trashy novels in a
hot bubblebath. Fun. Tomorrow I plan on going out dancing, so I'll be
back to show off on Saturday.