Radiance baby blanket

So, Robert Kaufman has this new fabric, called Radiance, that's a silk cotton blend. SUPER soft and silky satin. It's gorgeous, but a little intimidating. slippery. so, I, uh, *suggested* that it might be helpful if I worked with it so I could tell my friends/the world what it was like. image

I started with something super simple. strips cut from a half yard pre-cut pack. I laid out the back, then the batting, then did a quilt as you go thing on it, strip by strip. (I still can't figure out the past tense of "quilt as you go," quilt as you went? quilted as I go? Quilt as you have gone?), starting at the top with the white.

I quilted each strip differently.


and each section has thread that matches, except this one, for which I did not have matching thread at 11pm, so I used teal.


the back is this awesome black n white triangle fabric (babies like high contrast, yes?), and it's bound with one of those teal-y Kona cottons that I hoard, but whose names I have forgotten (possibly Jade?).


I'm pretty madly in love.


after I quilted and bound it, I washed it, and it all smooshed up (and lost some shininess), and is SO VERY SOFT AND AMAZING. The hubs has requested a pillow from the scraps, it's THAT awesome.

(it's on lend at Sew Modern right now, so peeps wondering about Radiance can pet it and love it and make their own!)

Baby Crockett at the Circus

image I really really love the fabrics Marie Perkins of Print and Pattern does for Robert Kaufman.  LOVE.

As soon as I saw the mock-ups for The Circus, I got inspired. I got the fabrics, and cut them up in July? June? no clue. OMG it was tedious cutting. I totally lost steam.


But when I went on the LAMQG retreat last month, I was reinspired, and whipped out this top in an hour or so (hence the imperfect points. oh well).


the back is just as fun as the front!


and he likes it a LOT. it makes him extra wiggly!

(finished quilt measures about 44x60?)

Scrappy Radiance for the Bean

sooo, remember that Radiance baby blanket? here's a bigger one, traditionally pieced (ie, not "quilted as I went"), basted, and quilted. image

i made it using a 1/2 yard bundle of 7 (i think) shades of pink/wine.


I purposefully was a little sloppy/scrappy making this, sewing some pieces wrong side up, not perfectly squaring up the pieced blocks, etc, because I wanted to see if the quilting and washing would cover any flaws that beginners might make working with such silky fabrics.


I quilted a different "flower" design in each block, per my daughter's instructions, except for the blocks in which I quilted her name... (below, you can see Fiona quilted in the bright pink block)


it does fray more than regular cotton, so raw edges on a garment or something need to be well finished, but I'm not too worried since it's quilted down....


it's backed with corduroy, and SO very lucious and soft, and the mistakes are ALL INVISIBLE.

I LOOOOOVE Radiance and can't wait to work with it more!!!

Traveling Pic-Stitch bloghop

This post is part of the Travellin' Pic Stitch Blog Hop.  From 1st October - 30th November we are hopping all over the world EPP-ing in some fantastic locations.  Check out the full list here and be sure to check out the other participants. Life is crazy 'round here these days! I'm drowning in fabric to be sewn into samples for Quilt Market (luckily it's awesome fabric), and my WONDERFUL husband surprised me with a last minute ticket to Sewing Summit! Excited does NOT adequately express my feelings right now. totally worth the all-nighters I'm going to have to pull to get stuff done before and after.  In the mean time, I've been working on hand sewing every chance I can get! I have a bunch of pics to post, at some point, including (finally) my finished Tangerine Tango quilt!

But on to the bloghop!


we live about 2 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, and my kiddos have a favorite playground on the bluffs, so we went down at sunset last week, and I made the hubs get involved... he took these pictures:the ocean and the sky at sunset

sunset and ocean

I took the yellow, pink, and purply-blues, and made this piece:

and, since The Bean is already worrying about me leaving, last night I quilted it up into a pillow for her. I like to pretend that I'm Angela Walters when I FMQ, so I totally copied her and did these super tight lines on the blue feathers.

I quilted big petals everywhere. I added in The Bean's name, just because I felt like it.

and that's my finished project! hopefully she feels loved even though I'm gone (it's a whopping 4 day (3 night) trip, but she's only 3, after all). And isn't it pretty?

I think I put her name on it so I couldn't keep it myself. ;)

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Double -ended zippered bag

D needed a pencil bag, and was told to put pencils, erasers, and markers in them. I had this idea to make a bag that's double ended, but searching on the internet for "double-ended bag" or pouch or anything double-ended only produces boxing results.... I'm not sure if I just don't know the right search terms, or what, but I couldn't find any tutorials or patterns or images of what I wanted, so I took a deep breath, grabbed some scrap fabric, and tried out my idea....  


it worked! (this is the second one, of nice fabrics. the proportions were off on the first one)


I used scraps from the sample quilt of Don't Be Crabby by Laurie Wisbrun for RK (in stores in December)


see, zippers on either end.


D approved, and filled it with his pencils and markers quite happily