A boy doll for the Bean's boy...

My daughter's love is a little boy called Pickle (fate, right?). For his birthday she and I decided he needed a boy doll so he didn't always have to play with the girl dolls. She chose the Eddie doll from Wee Wonderfuls, and we made it yesterday and today. I used the scraps from the t-shirt I made for D to make Eddie's shirt. The Bean chose everything else. image




A bag.

image as part of passing on a board position at the kiddos' preschool, I made a bag to hold the 1st VP binder....


I used some stash gaberdine, some lovely circa 1934 dots (won during the White Elephant at the LAMQG retreat), and some Quilters Linen (LOOOOOVE)


I put pockets inside for pens, keys, etc, and embroidered the outside pocket with a simple flower, just for fun....

it wound up being a really handy size, I might need to make more...

I started with rectangles, 17x19", and I think the bottom triangles were 2"...


I'm recovering from my all-nighter last night (3 hours counts as zero hours, according to my friend Jenny), but last night and today were TOTALLY worth it.Thus afternoon was the monthly weekend sew for my guild, which is always a good time. I got all the blocks cut and pieced for the Drunkards Path baby quilt. (I'll piece the blocks together tomorrow), but this morning was the coolest class ever. The lovely ladies behind Prints Charming (and the book Sew Charming) flew in from Australia to introduce their new fabric line with Kokka, and they taught an AMAZING embroidery workshop at Sew Modern. I'm fairly decent at embroidery, but it's always cool to learn different techniques, and I'm OH so glad I did. I know how to embroider a blanket stitch, but they know how to USE it:

20111015-230415.jpg Ditto with the chain/lazy daisy stitch:

20111015-230608.jpg Their color and designs were CRAZY cool:

20111015-230757.jpg We all got a pretty linen panel to practice on, so here's my start:

20111015-231009.jpg (from the top: runningstitch, bullion and French knots, back stitch, couching stitch, chain stitch. Clearly I need to be more bold with my color choices. Hopefully I'll be able to loosen up a bit and really go crazy on this panel... Now it off to bed with me. I won the Long Arm package (class and supplies) at the 2nd Anniversary celebration for the guild, and tomorrow's my first class.

Excited is not emphatic enough! Goodnight!

Block 3! (I'm on a ROLL!)

  I'm super proud of my stem stitch, so I had to make the picture big so you could all see it. peach and magenta imaginary flowers. art by my gram. embroidery by me.The fabric isn't really stained, it's just wet, I couldn't wait for it to dry before scanning it and posting it. LOVE these flowers. Also just love the way my Grandma draws. CANNOT wait to finish all 50 or so blocks so I can see the finished product. I already love this quilt way too much.

I've stayed up way too late tonight (it's 2am, kids will be up in 3-4 hours), working on the backpack pattern, which should be ready in the next few days. It'd better be, since I need it done so I can teach the class at sew modern in a few weeks!

(speaking of, I need to go buy more of this delicious Kona.... )


Alabama Chanin knock-offs

I'm working on bday pressies for my sister. Her birthday is in April.
Depending on the website I refer to, her birth flower is either the
daisy or the sweet pea. So, I decided to do 1 of each. I found an old
daisy papercut stencil from Martha Stewart living (at least 5 years
ago), and copied the idea, though I drew and then painted freehand, to
make a colar for the peachy-pink shirt. I'll use powder blue knit for
the appliqué ala Alabama Chanin.
I looked at some pics of sweet peas online, particularly this one, and
then painted freehand on the blue shirt. I'll appliqué the flowers,
ala Chanin, and just outline stitch some of the leaf/vine details.
I'm excited. I think Im gonna paint a shirt for myself too.... My son
has an ear operation tomorrow, I'll have 4-5 hours of sitting and
waiting, and I have ADD, so I need lots to keep myself busy. I'm gonna
take a shirt, a skirt, a book, and some crochet. That way I have

Embroidery hoop picture frame!

I think I'm BRILLIANT!!!

OK, so a few months ago, I saw someone doing something like this in their workroom. awesome, right?
So when I found this sewing fabric at the Urban Craft Center, I had to get a little, so I could do this
my sewing room entrance has a little turn, so you enter and see a bit of wall/the side of the closet... my loving husband put some nails up for me, and now I have this lovely entrance!
the lowest print is of pins, the big one is spools of thread, and the top is safety pins.
anyway, doing this made me think that I could maybe put some pictures on them...
so I made this:
I took some plastic (cut from the wrapping on D's new car booster seat, but it's just regular clear plastic, like sheets come in, or... well, lots of things, I know I'm always throwing stuff like this away, so I decided to use it this time...), and some scrap fabric that was big enough for the hoop... I ironed some interfacing on the fabric to give it a little more body...
I cut the pieces to be about 3/4" bigger than the pictures, so i'd have 1/4" seam allowance on 3 sides, plus a little wiggle room. I zigzagged the pieces down on 3 sides, slipped in the pictures, and then sat back.
not nearly as cool as I had imagined.
clearly, it needed MORE!
well, it IS an embroidery hoop, after all:
some lazy daisies (REALLY LAZY!), some stem stitch, some buttons, and about 2 hours of my time later:

isn't it AWESOME!?!?!?!?
it makes me happy every time I see it hanging in the hallway.
and I can switch in different pictures whenever I want!
I'm working on another one right now, but I don't have another big frame...
trying to resist driving 40 miles to where I bought this one... probably better to just go to Joanns tomorrow.
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