roses? maybe a whole bouquet?

I was working on some embroidery tonight, and then after I finished it, I still had 15 minutes of tivo'd Glee to finish watching... so I pulled out a pipe cleaner to make these roses (aren't they amazingly pretty!)... but I don't love it when I do it....

I think it needs the raggedy edge, and I only have rotary cut scrap strips... So I'll have to revisit those later... But I still had 7 minutes left... so I grabbed another strip... and then grabbed a bead, and made this:
isn't it pretty?
I"ll hunt down some felt and a head band tomorrow, and whip out a few more of these, and then I won't have to worry about my hair during the trip....
I love using scraps... (I think I might need to get some junk jewelry to put something more sparkly in the middles... I think the Bean might like some barrettes with sparkly flowers... to match her dresses, of course)
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