I need to wash my ironing board cover.

oops.I've never noticed it before... time to bleach!

anyway, these are the test blocks I made last night, while considering joining the Paint Box Quilt Along over at Oh Franson. As much as I LOVE the finished project, I need to stick to my guns and refrain from buying material to start a new project... and I just don't have enough solids in my stash to make it work...

this set was fun and quick though, and might become a potholder...

I sorta hate orange (which is why i was willing to use it for a tester!), but love these blocks...

also::::::: LOOK!!!::::


I'm using the recipe from Baking Illustrated (which I borrowed from the library, but clearly NEED!!!)

they're rising one last time, then, in about an hour, I get to bake, and EAT!